Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blood Elf Sketch

Blizzcon 2010 Demo Sketch

Freelance Netherspite Illustration

Kerrigan Magazine Cover

Twilight of the Aspects Book Cover

Curse of the Worgen #3 Comic Book Cover

Curse of the Worgen #1 Comic Book Cover

Interior Illustration for the Devil's Due Novel

The Shattering Book Cover

WoW 3.3 Patch Art

Goblin Key art for Blizzcon 2009

SCV Painting for Blizzcon 2009

Stormrage Book Cover...My first official Fulltime Blizzard Creative Development Painting....

Sylvanas TCG

Goblin Hunter

Pissed Off Tauren.....

And now for something completely different....


Night Elf Gets Rooted....

Ambassador Jerrikar.....Important Satyr Dude......

Lady Vashj Art

TCG Tauren Warrior Art

Felguard TCG Art

My first Blizzard Painting